iMetalab represents the whole framework, including the Metalab Desktop version, cloud implementation, automatic MetaReport, shiny apps for data visualization and analysis. We aim to make iMetaLab platform a free and one-stop toolset for metaproteomics, with increasing amount of tools under active development.

MetaLab was originally designed for human/mouse gut metaproteomics protein identification and quantification, rooted from the MetaProIQ workflow. Upon the rising request, we wrapped up the workflow into a desktop standalone version, with taxon and function analysis module built in, and share the tool to the community.

Full Stack Metaproteomic Analysis

Protein Identification & Quantification

Quick Report on peptide, protein, taxon and function

Data Analysis and Visualization

Streamlined Workflow for Metaproteomics

Two-steps Strategy for Metaprotein Identification and Quantification

Metalab has streamlined workflows for both identification and quantification, with proper experimental design, neat data matrix will be output for further analysis

Closed and Open Search

Closed search, which is the classical way of two-steps database search strategy, works for regular metaprteomic, while open search can identify more protein PTMs 

Built-in Taxon and Function Database for Mapping

The Team

Our Creative Team

Daniel Figeys, Professor, Canada Research Chair Proteomics and Systems Biology

Kai Cheng (Ph.D.)
MetaLab desktop developer and Java developer

Leyuan Li , (Ph.D),
Data visualization and R developer

Caitlin Simopoulos (Ph.D.)
machine learning and shiny apps developer
Xu Zhang (Ph.D.)
Metaproteomics data analysis workflow designer
Zhibin Ning (Ph.D.)
Data analysis, visualization and R developer

World Wide Users


MetaLab Desktop

Due to active development, please email to to access the latest version

try demo with session ID of metasess_5982077a2bf951.10052915 if having issues with create Session 

A demo of automatic and interactive report from metalab result. This report will be generated upon Metalab finishes.

A collection of shiny apps for downstream data analysis and data visualization

A documentation of imetalab suite

Free to academic usage. Please contact for a commercial license via


Access Metalab desktop and technical issues:

Visit us @ 451 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1H 8M5